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Respect for tradition

At the Confectionary Certin, a family works in an old-fashioned way to make hand-crafted products such as fruit pastes, "carrés de fruits" and liquor filled chocolates. A delight for the taste buds of The Unicorn.

Artisanal sweets

The concept behind Papabubble was born in Barcelone in 2004. It has spread out ever since. A chance for us : it has arrived in Brussels. Made from natural and vegetal ingredients, gluten-free, GMO-free and contains no gelatin, Papabubble's candies are not only beautiful but délicieux. And besides, they are customizable !

Maltou candies

Originally, the Maltou candies were created by a pharmacist. Sweetbel took over his recipes. They then developped the product range "Fun4Kids" with candies each one more appetizing than the last, and the range "Quality Sweet", handcrafted sweets for adults. The Unicorn selected some of to enchant your taste dubs and your inner child.

The cuberdon has gone crazy!

"Legendary homemade delicacies prepared with love in the Kingdom of Belgium". This is the motto of Leopold confectionery. A "haute couture" cuberdon made in a traditional way and also available in syrup, shortbread and cuber don spread. A feast for the eyes as for the taste buds!

Tony Meneghin
Marshmallows & Co

Antonio Meneghin, a chef now dedicated to confectionery, is a Belgian artisan who works only with organic products and certified FSC© packaging. Between marshmallows, sticks to melt in hot milk, revisited chocolate bars with a taste of childhood (including a vegan option), chocolate spreads, salted butter caramel and gluten-free biscuits, our Unicorn went nuts and brought everything back to the shop. A delight !

Les Gourmandises de l'Artisan
Handmade Belgian nougat

The traditional know-how of Les Gourmandises de l'Artisan has been passed on from génération to generation. Made from natural ingredients, the resulting nougat is both crunchy and creamy at the same time. It comes in many flavors including speculoos, chocolate, cranberries, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts or salted butter caramel.

Sucre d'Or
Handmade candy

Located in the center of Verviers, the workshop of the craftsman Fabrice Joannes withholds the manufacturing secrets of his gold bar-shaped gum. Less sweet than a classic candy and with no preservatives, this gum comes in many flavours : eucalyptus, cola, raspberry, strawberry, anise, apple, pear, violet, ... Yum!

Pleasure and lightness

The Geldhof confectionery is renowned for the cuberdons made with a traditional recipe from 1954. But that is not why The Unicorn went for a walk in the vicinity of Eeklo. Indeed she literally fell in love with their delicious snowballs or "boules de neige", combining lightness and delicacy.

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