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Les Délices de Basil
Marshmallows & Co

Marshmallows, coconut treats, marzipan, ... The selection of Les Délices de Basil  located in Ohey in the Namur region is not without appeal. It did not take long for The Unicorn to be seduced.

For a healthy breakfast
Xavie's Granola

Double chocolate,  coconut-cinnamon, buts & seeds are the varieties of the Xavie's granola range that you will generally find at the Unicorn. These whole cooked cereals are crispy to perfection, full of fibre and sweetened with agave syrup which has a low glycemic index. Good for the body and soul! 

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Les Ruches de Sous-Bois
Beekeeper - producer

Les Ruches de Sous-Bois, family beekeeping business, is locales not far from Gouvy, in the province of Namur. Their flagship product is of course honey but they also make honey candy and sometimes even comb honey, the most authentic product. The Unicorn says "Bzzz".

Artisanal syrup maker

This family business is the last to make syrup over a traditional wood-burning stove. Produced only from local apples and pears, this authentic syrup is guaranteed without additives, gelatine, pectin or sugar.

Le Fruitier
Fruit, fruit & fruit

The Fruitier: a family store combined to the recipes of the famous Thérèse, renowned for her jams, and traditional cooking in copper basins. Classic jams, jams with no added sugar or jellies, there is something for everyone.

Handmade jam

Céline and Anthony are the magicians behind these delicious 100% homemade jams. Produced in the traditional way, they contain only fruit (64%), sugar and lemon juice. Nothing more! No additive, no gelling agent, no citric acid. As for the flavours, they vary with seasons: orange-grapefruit, greengage, blueberry, pineapple, "pirate pear", strawberry, raspberry and many more. In a word: yummy!

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Buddy Buddy
Organic nut butters

Organic, natural and vegan, the nut butters by Buddy Buddy are available in 4 flavours : peanut, protein made of peanut and walnut oil, almond and hazelnut/chocolate. Everything is handmade in their workshop in Brussels, without additives or preservatives. The taste of nut in its purest form.

Mini Marie Tea
Infusions for everyone

With Mini Marie Tea, no fuss but a pretty little fairy and her natural infusions without then or additives. As much for adults as for kids, drink them at work or at home with your loved ones but, above all, take the time...

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Coffee Made in Belgium

Coffee beans roasted in Belgium, and more precisely in Hauset, a village located a bit further than Lontzen, almost at the German borders.The result ? +32, a natural and aromatic coffee that comes in 4 flavors : Exclusive, Explosive, Elegance, Espresso.

La Route du Thé
Teas and infusions

Emmanuelle de Paermentier is passionate about teas and herbal teas. That is why she développed in her native city, Hannut, "La Route du Thé", honoring her own recipes of  teas and infusions. With names like "Jardin des fées" and "Un amour de meringue", our Unicorn is aksing for more.

à la belge
Fleur de sel

This artisan offers Fleur de sel de Guérande fused with typical Belgian products. Without aromas, food coloring or conservatives, the different flavors are obtained by impregnation in a workshop located in the Liège area. The Unicorn has selected 2 flavors for you : spéculoos (typical Belgian cookie) and cocoa nibs so that you can give an original touch to your desserts and savory dishes (fish, scallops, carrots, roasted figs...). Plus the mini mills are so cute !

Maître Glacier since 1935

No need to introduce Franchi to the citizens of Liège as this anthology family enterprise is more than famous in the entire city. At the Unicorn, you can find the following flavours of ice cream in half liter jars : vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella, bacio nero, strawberry and café liégeois. The Unicorn is very proud to count Franchi among its artisans.

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