The enjoyment of good food, an art of living

Once upon a time a unicorn, very fond of good food, loved the stars and was always in search of magic, travel and adventure. After a degree in Astrophysics and some years as a researcher at the University of Liège, she decided to reorient her career. It wasn't easy every day and we will not go into detail (nor we will focus on tergiversation...) of this long journey. Be reassured though. These episodes of dithering were also accompanied by magical moments and great experiences. This finally led our Unicorn to train as a cook, caterer and banquet organizer with what we call in Belgium "access to the profession" (cook is a regulated job). And from one culinary project to the next, from one experience to the next, The Unicorn finally came up with the idea of opening a chocolate and sweets shop with a focus on Belgian handmade products.

Well... I guess you understood that I am that Unicorn (Surprise !!! Or not... LOL). My name is Virginie, I am from Liège with Italian origins, and I am a fan of food in general! La Licorne Gourmande is the result of many ideas and a lot of thinking. This concept combines the magic of confectionery with the elegance of chocolate. Above all, that boutique gives you the opportunity to discover talented Belgian artisans and great products.

Come and visit us...


La Licorne Gourmande


The temple of gourmandise
La Licorne Gourmande, Liège

The street Rue des Guillemins offers delicacyquality and proximity. It is the home of La Licorne Gourmande, in a show-room arranged for your enjoyment, composed mainly of wooden furniture, in an elegant atmosphere sprinkled with a touch of fantasy and magic.


Come and discover our confectionery products (in the broad sense: all kinds of sweet products), one being more attractive than the other, some reminding us of our childhood or rainbow-colored and other combining finesse and exquisite flavors.


Delight, magic and wonder of your taste buds are guaranteed!



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